Well, I was not quite prepared to hear so many excited folks mentioning the
question of whether or not Behemoth and Leviathan could be considered
dinosaurs. I am delighted that so many were engaged.

The text certainly portrays them as beasts that are much more dramatic
than animals that can be tamed. Let me put it you this way; after reading Job
40-41 and the descriptions of these beasts, I cannot fathom either of them
being tamed and put in zoos. Alligators and hippos are in zoos, but not
Behemoth and Leviathan. Agreed?

And, importantly for a culture that too easily writes off God’s word as
metaphorical or mythical, remember that Job 40:15 indicates that God told
Job that He made Behemoth (and, by implication Leviathan) “as I made you.”
As the “first of God’s ways” (Job 40:19), these animals could just as easily be
the dinosaurs that they are displayed to be.

And one saint reminded me that if the earth is younger than many believe,
then these beasts are not, in fact, “pre-historic”. They are simply historic
because they are part of our history.

Finally, another saint who visited our Prayer Closet remarked that the new
room reminds them of the prayer room in the movie “War Room.” If you
haven’t seen it yet, it’s a great movie on the power of prayer.

We have our own “War Room” at RVC. Let me encourage you to spend time
in the prayer closet. It is not limited to organized times of prayer. Come
during office hours and just spend time praying, meditating, reflecting and

Together, through faith alone, we are…Rescued by the God of the Open Ear!
Pastor Tim

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