A note to either remind you or alert you that Tess has now created a page at our website under the Resources tab (or top of the home page) where each week’s Sunday Leftovers is posted. And at that site, you can comment on the Sunday Leftover for the week, or, share any thoughts you might have about the sermon. The tab will function a little bit like a blog, so I encourage you to make a comment and I’ll respond for all to see.

Thank you all for your kind comments regarding our meaningful Memorial Service
this past Sunday, it is always a treat to have Taps played live. Thanks to Nick Skokut for offering that service, and, Nick also played Tap at the City of Beloit’s Memorial Graveside Service at East Lawn Cemetery yesterday. Job well done!

One vet stopped me after church and said if he had a younger body, he’d do it all over again. He had no regrets serving in a time of conflict.

Like Paul, we want to live out our Christian lives with no regrets. Are you giving your all for Christ? Most of us take pride in our work ethic. We show up for work on time, we put in a full day’s work and give it our very best, day in and day out. That itself is a simple, but important testimony to being a follower of Christ.

And it’s hard work to be a dedicated follower of Jesus, day in and day out. If we are in our Bibles daily, praying daily, and looking for opportunities daily to tell someone about Jesus; we too can live a life of no regrets.

Let’s remember our veterans and all they did for us, and not just on Memorial Day. And let’s remember so many thousands of unsung heroes like Erle Frederick Rounds, who gave his life both for Jesus and for the nation.

I hope you, like me, have been encouraged by his story and his willingness to proclaim the name of Jesus where Jesus has not been heard. More than you think who are in your sphere of influence have not heard of Jesus…or know Him.

Let’s remember…and let’s live with no regrets.

Redoubling our efforts together for the cause of Christ and His Commission,

Rescued by Christ,
Pastor Tim


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