Endings are usually sad.

When the Hockey and Basketball seasons end shortly (basketball and hockey in June is odd), many will be sad because they love watching those sports. But we hope the Brewers will continue their winning ways and go deep into the playoffs and that gives us joy.

When five of our finest Youth having just graduated from high school, many of us are sad to realize their daily and weekly presence will end sometime in the next several weeks. We will miss their personalities, their hearts for our church, their smiles and just being with them.

But we have joy knowing they are moving on to the next chapters of their lives that God has ordained for them to fulfill the Good Works He has prepared in advance for them to walk in.

When Diana Townsend recently went to be with the Lord, we all grieved at the loss of a sister; the end of our earthly relationship. Her smile, care for others and steadfast hope in Christ is already missed and we are sad.

But she is with the Lord right now; glorifying Him, worshipping Him and without any pain or suffering. And those truths bring us joy.

Let us rejoice that God uses us for His glory while we are still sinners. Let us rejoice that endings are only beginnings of something grander when we are in Christ. Let us rejoice that the end of this life serves as a portal to eternal life with Jesus when we trust in Him.

And let us rejoice that the pain of earthly endings is always tempered by the hard, but deep truth that the more we are walking with the Lord and satisfied with His work on the cross for us, the more joyful we will be in this life…for God’s glory.

Sharing tears with you for endings, but embracing joy in Christ together,
Pastor Tim

SERMON: True Freedom

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