We had a good start to the new series on the Pastorals, “Behaving in the Household of God” looking at the church’s role to protect pure doctrine and to promote love that comes from a pure heart, good conscience and a sincere faith.

Teaching our children is one way to promote and protect right thinking about Jesus. Parents still have the primary responsibility for instructing their children, but grandparents can help, and so can the broader family and the local church.

As we all get involved in various teaching ministries whether attending Adult Education, teaching children in Sunday school, VBS, or Awana; let’s take responsibility to ensure our children are exposed to the true nature of the Gospel.

For young parents I cannot encourage you enough to read Ted Tripp’s “Shepherding a Child’s Heart” that concentrates on training the heart of children as opposed to emphasizing right behavior. A changed heart will lead to right behavior, but right behavior does not necessarily reveal a changed heart.

It can be that way in the church with adults as well. Some will come to church regularly (right behavior) but not have a changed heart. Some will claim to have a changed heart but rarely attend, let alone participate in the life of the church.

Both are needed, a changed heart that is instructed well. When that happens, you build a church for generations to come starting with the youngest generation.

So, let’s take full responsibility at home to ensure our children have changed hearts that are turned to Christ so that they are ready to love well and know God accurately. Then for those who can, let’s train the hearts of our kids in church to love Jesus, love others, love His Scripture and love serving Him.

I cherish the evidence we are already seeing in our older Youth who have been so loved over the years in all those ways. Good job RVC! Let’s keep it going…..

Loving Jesus more each day with you,
Pastor Tim

SERMON: The Goal of Our Instruction: Genuine Love


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