Sunday was a joyful day for me from the moment that I woke up and began the day with the Lord. It was a different type of Sunday since I had been called to preach but still a day filled with JOY that comes only from the Lord.

The questions that I asked you all at the start of the message, seemed to resonate with some. I had several people comment on them as they either said that they were waking with a new sense of joy and praising the Lord due to improved health, or that they reflected on how they have woken up anxious with so much to do. Isn’t it easy to get consumed by all that we want to accomplish and/or all that we need to do? This world is so intentionally full of distractions.

If you weren’t with us or you would like to continue to reflect on the questions here they are.

1) When you woke up this morning, how did you feel?
2) Did you wake up with a great sense of anticipation of what today would bring?
3) Did you wake up thinking that the Lord wants you to serve Him in a specific way?
4) Did that make you overflow with joy?
5) Or, did you curl up and pull the covers over your head and wish that it was
raining so that you could stay in bed all day?
6) What did God call you to do today?
7) Did you submit and did you turn today over to Him? No matter what He asked?

As we think about Paul and his life we can imagine the trials that he went through and how it could have limited his ministry and made him want to pull the covers over his head. Yet he continues to proclaim, as he disciples Timothy, the joy that he has and that the Gospel is the source.

Let Christ have his way in your life and you be the recipient of the joy that only He can give.

Have a great week.

In His service,
Warren Beckes

SERMON: Discipline Is For Those Who Don’t Fear The Lord. Discipleship Is For Those That Do.


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