What a wonderful Sunday we all enjoyed together! Thank you to all who helped contribute to a fantastic Sunday and potluck meal in honor of the Cliffords.

Bob, Veronique and their son Tim are in the United States on home assignment and will return to France at the end of July. While they are in the Beloit area for about a week, RVC has provided housing and a car while other churches are helping in other ways as well.

Please remember two things for next Sunday, July 22nd. First, we will take a second offering to bless the Cliffords, so please be in prayer about how God might move you to give to their ministry. Second, Bob will be teaching in Adult Sunday School going deeper into the immense Gospel needs in France.

Bob preached on Sunday from Matthew 9:35-38 and challenged me in several ways, allow me to offer two of my impressions from his message. If you missed his sermon, I highly recommend you listen to it at our website.

First, it was crystal clear that sharing the Gospel with a lost world is an incredibly compassionate activity. I was taken by how Bob first pointed out in verse 36 that Jesus “saw” the crowds. I love that.

Jesus notices us, and our needs. And in seeing us, He has compassion. Jesus feels our needs, He knows our needs and He genuinely cares about our needs.

We too must be compassionate, Bob argued, so that when people see our compassion, they are more likely to listen to us. Thus, when we share the Gospel of truth, they will be more likely to give us an honest hearing.

Please note that Bob did not leave his message with simply being compassionate. So many today emphasize being compassionate without challenging us to share the Gospel. If you look at verse 35 you will see that Jesus was in the process of teaching and “proclaiming the Gospel” when He “saw” the crowds.

Compassion and the Great Commission go hand in hand. One does not flourish without the other.

Bob’s second challenging point to me was to first pray for the harvest. Drawing on verses 37- 38 Bob helped me see that Jesus points out the situation (a plentiful harvest), the problem (laborers are few) and the strategy to overcome the problem (pray earnestly).

My first response to problems is usually to organize some kind of team to address the problem. I want to find the most qualified people, identify the problem, agree on a solution and then get the resources necessary to solve the problem.

But my first instinct ought to be to pray “earnestly”. Praying earnestly requires commitment, faith, time and most importantly for us busy people; priority.

So, let’s all redouble our efforts to earnestly pray for laborers (that’s you and me) to go into the thick fields with compassionate dispositions ready to tell others about this great King we serve…King Jesus.

I saw we had three names in the prayer basket on Sunday. Praise God! Let’s all “see” the needs of those around us, extend compassion and then tell them the greatest news ever…that Jesus died as our substitute to pay for our sins so that we could dwell with Him forever.

1. And pray that God would do three things to help continue and expand the Cliffords’ ministry:
2. Raise up a national pastor to take over the church in Plaisir; Miraculously provide a building to meet the needs of a blessedly growing congregation;
3. Keep the church centered on the Gospel of Jesus.

For the sake of the Call!

Rescued by Christ,
Pastor Tim


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