I was so blessed to speak with a woman on Sunday after church, who, as an exceptionally gifted woman of God, encouraged me that to follow God’s Scripture concerning the role of women in the local church is always for our good. Whew!

The local church suffers when we deviate from God’s holy Word, especially when deviating comes as a result of buckling to pressure from the culture around us. The Church will always be distinct from the culture, and never more than when in faithfulness to God’s prescription we reject culture’s “demands”.

It is no easy call to serve as an Elder. Many times we must make decisions on matters and, for the sake of those impacted, cannot reveal the circumstances surrounding the decision without breaking confidentiality on sensitive features.

Knowing that lack of information will naturally result in many questioning our decisions, or even the motives- we are left with trusting God that our sheep will trust us because we have faithfully demonstrated our most important calling…to watch over the souls of the flock (See again Hebrews 13:17).

And we will make mistakes. We are human, sinful, selfish and unable to live perfect lives. But thanks be to God that a close reading of the criteria for serving as an Elder do not require perfection. There are plenty of criteria found in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 that do limit who can serve as an Elder. We take that seriously.

Finally, remember that it is a good thing to “aspire” to be an Elder, if, that aspiration is based on the posture of being a servant leader who bleeds Hebrews 13:17 for the sake of God’s glory.

Being a servant leader really means, in my view, that leaders serve “by leading.” Thus, we accept that we will be called to make difficult decisions that will not make sense to many, and, that many might pre-judge or secretly question us.

That’s part of serving as a leader. To the degree possible, which is so very evident at our church, pray for us, and help us to lead with joy as a joyful church is a blessing to us, those who observe us, and, most importantly, to our Redeemer who led by choosing the cross “for the joy set before Him” (Hebrews 12:2).

We love you guys!

For the Elders,
Pastor Tim



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