From Pastor Tim Johnson:

Well that was quite a Sunday…lots of good-byes. We praise God for His call on the Wallmans to Wilton, WI, for Nathaniel to Trinity International University and for our four ladies going to Colorado on a short-term missions trip.

Lord willing, we will see them all again, some sooner than the rest.

We also said good-bye to the Dresslers who have resigned to follow the Lord to Spokane, WA. May God bless them, and we hope to see them again one day.

As we all know, good-byes are difficult, but in Christ, we will all be reunited for eternity as we worship Jesus the Messiah for eternity. Until then, we labor together in our various and different callings fixing our eyes on the cross and telling those in our midst about Jesus.

We did say hello to the Goldsteins and thank God for their faithful ministry to Jews who do not know Jesus. Their location is strategic, dangerous and capable of having immense impact on the lives of soldiers and citizens alike. Welcome Goldsteins!

Speaking of telling the world about Jesus….do check out Elder John McCully’s presentation of the Gospel at our website. It is worth your attention and I pray that it will be used as a tool for those who visit our website, and, for you if you are led to direct someone to the website to learn about the Gospel. Well done John!

One more plug from the sermon; read your Bibles as our only and best protection against the slick, deceptive and divisive influences of the Enemy….read your Bibles….read them every day…study them and be blessed.

With the Bible and staff in hand.

Yours in Christ,
Pastor Tim



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