From Pastor Tim:

After Sunday’s message, two saints, independent of each other, commented on how important it is for us to see through Scripture that God is a God of order. God introduces boundaries for the church, and for our lives. Amen!

We all know how good it feels to clean up a chaotic room and restore some order to it. A newly mown lawn with well-tended trees and shrubs always looks much nicer than an unkempt lawn that features overgrown weeds and broken gutters.

When our lives are in chaos lacking all manner of order, we are less efficient, less disciplined, less productive and surely less happy. Why is this? Because we are created in God’s image; and God is a God of order. We pine for order because God is ordered. The old statement that cleanliness is next to godliness is right!

So it is with the Church. When Paul offers parameters for how the church should function, he is allowing the Holy Spirit to reveal those most important principles for the Bride of Christ that also reflects who God is. Insofar as the Church is able, she needs to reflect the nature of God.

Boundaries can be frustrating because no one likes to be told “No.” But from the beginning, we can see in Genesis 1:2 that God created order out of “null and void.” When the Church submits to God’s parameters and boundaries, she glorifies God, even if that means fewer people attend.

And let me suggest that the more ordered our own lives are, the more opportunities we will have to glorify God. Whether it’s cleaning out the garage (looking in the mirror on that one!), committing to daily reading of the Bible, participating in a Discipleship group or making sure the lawn is well maintained; managed boundaries make for a better life…and a better church.

For God’s glory alone!

Rescued by Christ,
Pastor Tim


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