From Pastor Tim:

This past Sunday’s message on 1 Timothy 6:1-2 could be a paradigm shifting encounter for some of us, it was for me. I am quick to rebel, flee or fight when I feel that those in authority over me are treating me poorly.

Paul, and Jesus, would suggest that in turning the other cheek by serving those authorities over us with honor, we actually advance the Gospel…even though we might not be advancing our careers.

That’s hard to chew on.

What’s even harder to chew on would be the possibility of attending church with an authority figure and then having to work for them the rest of the week. Would I examine their attitude, actions, words with greater scrutiny? Would I be quicker to judge them in the work place? Probably.

There are no easy answers to these challenges, and while the text portrays a context that is foreign to 21st Century Americans, the core principles still apply to our culture today. Namely, do we look at our motives for serving those in authority over us as an opportunity to advance Jesus regardless of the circumstances, or, as a means to advance our careers (i.e., ourselves).

This calls for prayer, wisdom and courage. If you are in a difficult work environment pray, read God’s word seeking divine insight and do not fear what humans can do to you, so act as the Lord calls. And that action you might take is to stick it out for God’s glory.

But if you are suffering physical or mental distress, you might be wise to leave or look for a new job. In either case, how you leave or how you work while you are looking for a new job still matters to God and it will impact how God’s kingdom is advanced in your spheres of influence.

We are called to love our enemies and turning the other cheek so that in humility and submission, we put our Savior on display who loved His enemies, who turned the other cheek and submitted to the authorities.

This is hard.

Joining you in looking for God’s paradigm in this life we have…

Rescued by Christ,
Pastor Tim


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