Thanks to all for your active and meaningful feedback after Sunday’s message on how to find true contentment. It begins by casting a vision for your life where contentment in God is the primary prism through which we make life’s decisions.

Paul noted that if we are content with Jesus’ teachings, God’s simple provisions in our lives (only food and clothing according to Paul!), and ultimately in God Himself, we will not be tempted to crave riches or earthly things; none of which can provide the kind of deep, eternal peace that God does.

I noted that mainline denominations are in sharp decline in large measure because they have generally allowed wrong biblical ideas to invade their church culture. To be fair, not all people in mainline denominations are sliding away. In fact, there are many faithful disciples who steadfastly cling to solid biblical teaching and remain in their churches like missionaries. May God bless them!

Many of us who have come out of mainline denominations have families who remain in declining churches and they cannot see why their churches are suffering. They often see us Evangelicals as flaky and cultish. I understand that as some of my family has seen me over the years as being “over the top”.

Actually, I am “over the moon” because of Christ. But unless one is born-again, it will be impossible to understand these things. Therefore, we must be patient, be in prayer and be in touch with those who have yet to know Jesus.

And all the while, if others can see how content we are with God’s Word, the simple provisions of life and with God Himself, they will see and observe what a truly content person looks like.

As Paul says in 1 Timothy 6:19 to those who are rich in this life, being content with God’s ways allows us to “take hold of that which is truly life.”

Joining you in pursuit of a true life,
Pastor Tim


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