I hope that all of us were challenged on Sunday to prayerfully consider inviting “tax collectors, sinners and Pharisees” over to your home for a meal and seek an opportunity both to put Christ on display and to share the Gospel message.

Several people were grateful for the core lesson from the message, which is that all need to be forgiven whether a person feels like they are “in debt” 50 denarii or 500 denarii. All need forgiveness.

One saint commented that hearing the Gospel in this unique way confirmed that, like a diamond that has many facets but only one pure gem, the Gospel can be articulated in a variety of ways but still circles back to the truth that we need forgiveness and Jesus offers it.

Another saint weighed in and said that whenever the need for forgiveness is removed from the Gospel, we have “changed the recipe”. And no one should change the recipe of something that is already good.

The recipe, and the gem of the Gospel centers on our need for forgiveness, and God’s willingness to forgive.

I had a meal with someone just yesterday and was able to amplify those very points using different analogies (or facets) to try to penetrate his world so that he could see the truth of it. Sometimes we use meals, like the lesson on Sunday; sometimes we can use sports, music, gardening, etc., to create a metaphor for our hearers to understand the deep truths of the Gospel in “their world.”

Don’t change the recipe, get to the core truth that God in His great love is willing to forgive, and that we need to be forgiven. But that truth can be packaged in numerous ways to ultimately lead someone to the cross.

So, let me once again encourage you to think of someone specific that you can invite over to your house for a meal. Spend some time thinking about that person’s world and ask the Lord to provide a creative way of using something from their world as an avenue for sharing the Gospel.

Thinking, pondering, praying and inviting with you for God’s glory,

Rescued by Christ,
Pastor Tim


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