I cannot begin to express how grateful I am for our Elders. This past Sunday John McCully took the pulpit with less than 24 hours of notice due to my sickness and did a wonderful job, absolutely wonderful.

Please continue to pray for our Elders, who, when called upon, will fulfill the Good Works that God has prepared in advance for them to walk in. About three weeks
earlier, Peter Richardson shared the Gospel with a woman visiting his farm, and through that testimony, she, Carolyn Johnson came to salvation. Praise God!

I thank God that our Elders are leading by example. Truly, we are in exceptionally good hands here at Rock Valley Chapel.

Having listened to John’s message, I want to comment on how timely his message was relative to the political turmoil our country faces (by the way, the U.S. has
always been in political turmoil…always). As John said, God is neither Republican nor Democrat, He is God. He has a plan and nothing that we do or don’t do will
keep God from completing His plan to bring the world to their knees before Jesus.

But, get out and vote today if you have not already. It’s an American privilege.

I think John’s main point was that if you want to serve God, you must first obey Him. Otherwise, the sword stands ready to keep us from fulfilling the call God
Himself places on our lives.

Have you ever felt like you were stuck in your walk with God? Have you ever sensed that something was keeping you from having a rewarding, joyful life with the Lord even though you profess to follow Jesus?

Maybe it’s because you are not being obedient in something. John mentioned baptism, have you resisted being baptized even though the Lord has clearly called us to follow Jesus in baptism? Are you staunchly against tithing? Are you unwilling to lift up your eyes from pornography? Do you justify skipping church because of work or family opportunities that could be postponed?

There are any number of possible areas where you and I might be unwilling to submit and obey God’s clear word to us. And the more we are unwilling to obey, the more we’ll encounter those angels with swords who are designed to prevent us from fulfilling a blessed mission that God has given us until we are willing to humble ourselves and obey.

But oh, the joy we will experience when we simply abdicate our desire to be God, and instead obey Him. We will be allowed to pass on to the most exciting and risky life He has in store for us. We will then be living for God!

Let’s all take the counsel of the Lord that He shared through John on Sunday. Let’s do an inventory of our lives and ask us if we are consciously disobeying the Lord in some area. And then let’s pray that God will show us how we can submit, obey, and then get on with the mission He designed especially for each of us.

Seeking to submit and obey alongside you,

Rescued by Christ,
Pastor Tim


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