Thank you all for your encouraging words from Sunday’s message. Many, and I mean many, said it was just what they needed to hear at that very moment given the current circumstances of their lives. Well Praise God!

Let’s give some major credit to the Lord, who, in His incredible providence, laid me down to recuperate last Sunday so that the message I had intended to preach two Sundays ago was instead delivered this past Sunday. And I am sure that many were thankful that John’s message was preached on that Sunday as God had surely intended it for many on that particular day.

Oh, the depth of the riches and wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are His judgements and how inscrutable His ways!    (Romans 11:33)

One saint was so encouraged to learn that they had been  GIVEN power through faith. And we are to “tap into” that power. What a great point! And I should have emphasized that more. We have access to the power of God, so, why not splice into His powerful current and be the conduits of it for His glory!

Another saint remarked that knowing we have God’s power should put us on the offensive. Christians, they said, are usually passive and wait timidly. Instead, we should be bold and take the offensive with the Gospel instead of just waiting for the perfect opportunities to just appear. Amen to that!

We need to decide if we want the fire of our faith to be roaring, giving heat and visible for miles, or, if we want a dead fire, a fire of low-heat embers, or a comfortable heat by which we can roast marshmallows.

Let’s not be marshmallow Christians! Let’s be bold, roaring fires starting today that go on the offensive (without being offensive, mind you–think 1 Peter 3:15- 16) in order spread the heat, light and joy we have through faith in Christ!

Seeking God’s kindling with you,
Pastor Tim



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