Thank you all for understanding that I could not linger around in church on Sunday as I normally do since I needed to officiate at a funeral. The funeral was a true blessing in so many ways. The Gospel went forth and the family was very blessed by two hymns that Karen and Kathryn led. God was glorified.

As a result, I was not able to get any feedback from you all concerning the message. I did see that it was longer than usual. Perhaps some might have been anxious to let me know that! Sorry ☹

When I came to church on Monday, I did see how beautifully the church is decorated for the Christmas season. Thank you to all who helped out!

I always enjoy participating in that event as it is such a great time of fellowship. The Youth did a wonderful job decorating the Youth Room as well; it’s worth poking your head in there to see how it looks.

The holidays are upon us and it’s a great time to be in prayer for those people you will see who need to know Jesus. I suspect Sunday’s message was hard for us, maybe a little convicting. Be mindful that many people do not like the holidays because of various losses in their lives that are hard to endure.

Our greatest need will always be Jesus, and He alone satisfies us regardless of our circumstances. Still, life is hard, and it’s not easy to “hear” and embrace the joy
the Gospel offers. Let’s do our best to present on our faces, with our tongues and in our service to others that joy that does come from knowing Jesus.

And if the Lord prepares an opportunity to tell someone about the truth of the Gospel, pray that God will help you to suffer for His sake; and for the Gospel.

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope to see many of you tonight!

Rescued by Christ,
Pastor Tim



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