I received many positive responses to Sunday’s message, and I am delighted with the quality of the comments, especially as they related to ongoing value of the Old Testament for Christians.

One saint recognized who I was referring to when I critiqued what I think is an unhealthy statement regarding the value of the OT for today.  I indicated that I was not sure if I should name names, but he wisely points out both that the author’s comments are public and that Paul himself named names.  Good point!

So, the author of those comments about the OT not being necessary for Christians is Andy Stanley, the son of Charles Stanley.  Charles Stanley is still alive and preaching though less visible than in previous decades, and I am not sure that he would concur with his sons comments.

Another saint mentioned that the Gospel of John begins with a very clear allusion to the creation statement in Genesis: “In the beginning.” Read John 1:1 to see what he means.  He wondered how anyone could miss the importance the OT had for the NT authors.

One man pointed out that Psalm 12:6 was an important verse when he first came to faith in Jesus.  To hear it reflected on as our memory verse was sweet music to his ears and reminded him of the time God saved him.  That verse in the OT helped seal his faith in Jesus and trust that God honors His promises that He revealed in the OT for the preparation and blessing of the NT.

God’s word is so precious to us.  It is a gift. Kathryn came home from the women’s Bible study last night (this Monday evening) and was just thrilled with how much she and the women are getting out of studying the Bible.  We need the Bible as much as we need food, clothing, water, air, and functioning furnaces.

Dig in to your Bibles. Join one of the Bible studies.  Let the fire of God’s word inflame your hearts with a white-hot love for Jesus and for His call on us to share with the lost what He reveals to us in His holy word, which is “profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction and for training in righteousness….”

Long Live the Old Testament!

Pastor Tim