Happy New Year to you all, and may God bless you richly this coming
year. And may He reveal in powerful ways how much He loves you and desires to
put you to work to advance His vision for the world, His Church, RVC, and your

Most comments I received from Sunday’s message targeted the imagery of a
“bag full of parts”. Since the message served as a reminder of God’s vision and
RVC’s vision, I encourage those who did not hear the message to listen to it

WARNING! It’s long, so set aside 50 minutes. Listen to it over a meal.
The message is designed to ensure that we understand God’s vision and why we do
the things we do at RVC and why we all should be making God’s vision our

No one casts a vision for how to remodel a room, buys the necessary
parts, and then just leaves those parts in the bag. That would be a waste of
time, money and, importantly of the vision cast for the completion of the task.

God’s people have been bought and paid for at the cross. Jesus paid the
full cost to redeem us sinners, and when we fail to invest our lives in
fulfilling His vision, we waste that cost He paid, and, we waste our lives. We
become a bag full of purchased, useless parts simply taking up space in an
unfinished room.

Join me in committing today, this year, to making God’s vision our life’s vision. Join me in praying and even begging God to grant opportunities to tell others about Jesus so that we can actively participate in the progressive fulfillment of His vision for His glory.

Join me, and others, in committing
to sharing the Gospel at least once this coming year. Believe me, you’ll never
be the same, and, you will experience what it means to be a small part,
carefully selected from God’s bag full of redeemed, useful parts, designed to
complete a part of His vision that only you can complete.

All Together Now…..Let’s GO!!

Rescued by Christ,

Pastor Tim