It’s been a while since I have offered Sunday Leftovers, and I am glad to re-engage now that we are worshipping together and I am receiving sermon feedback.

Sunday’s message was naturally timed to speak into the present strife in America caused by the unnecessary and brutal death of George Floyd. Two issues surfaced in our country; police brutality and racism. Unfortunately, we were exposed to other base and horrific activities such as looting, murder, destruction, etc.; most of which was done under the pretext of George Floyd’s death. Sin run amok.

My message was to remind us of the spiritual battle that stands behind all the battles we see on earth, and, behind those forces that are both seen and unseen on earth. Many agendas have been involved in the past two weeks; some of which we cannot “see”, but still exist in “this present darkness”.

The third point I would make is that sin has terrible, lasting consequences. America’s inconsistent and abominable sin of slavery has not been healed. No one can fathom the costs associated with slavery, or how to remedy the lasting impacts. No one can fathom the depth of mistreatment other humans imposed on fellow humans who were all made in the image of God. The pain persists.

But there is a solution. Jesus’ substitutionary atonement on the cross paid for every wicked, rebellious sin against God that ever existed no matter the severity. Jesus, as God, is that big. And only when we trust Jesus do we become the full and complete humans that we were intended to be; albeit imperfect humans still.

The need for atonement and human restoration will never happen in the halls of Congress, the streets or anywhere else. It happened at the cross where all things are united to Him; the only one who was fully human and fully righteous.

Keep your eyes on Jesus, your noses in your Bibles, and your tongues ready to proclaim the Gospel,

Pastor Tim