Rock Valley Chapel is committed to reaching out to a lost world with the life-giving truth of the Gospel of Jesus the Messiah. We are committed to sharing the Gospel here in Beloit, the Stateline Area and the rest of the World.

Reaching Beloit and the Stateline Community

Beloit is our “Jerusalem” and the Stateline Area is our “Samaria”. We seek to be intentional about sharing the Gospel of Jesus in the city. We do this by distributing tracts during Halloween and doing doors to encourage families to send their kids to our summer VBS. For the past three years we have been present at the annual Ro-Ro convention with the explicit goal of sharing the Gospel with people attending. This year we were able to provide a 45-minute Gospel outreach event at the Beloit Snappers’ Faith and Family Night on May 31st, where we provided music, presented the Gospel and heard the testimonies of Beloit Snapper players who are believers.

Reaching our World

God allows us to have an unbelievable impact on lives through world missions! We are excited to partner with several missionary families around the world in places such as Wisconsin’s Prison System, a Colorado College’s campus, France, Israel, and the Beloit College campus where students from around the world come to study. God also provides us with opportunities to be personally involved and in the past we have sent teams to such places as Estonia, Mexico, Lithuania and Brazil. In addition, many individuals have been involved in missions trips on their own or with another group and we have been able to help support them in these ministries.

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