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This Sunday’s message on Jeremiah 2-6 resonated with many on several fronts, but the one area that seemed to speak most “loudly” was the issue of idolizing creation rather than the Creator.

The environment has been an increasingly important and hot topic in our world; particularly with young people. One person indicated how grateful they were to hear that distinction; worship the Creator, not His creation.

There is nothing new under the sun as it happened in Jeremiah’s time, too. At the same time, this person would like to hear a bit more on how a Christian can faithfully and appropriate address the whole question of Climate Change.

It’s one thing to say it is good to recycle and to help keep our plant clean, but what should we say about Climate Change in general?

That is a very good point, and while it was not something I intended to address on Sunday, I think it would be wise and helpful for me to address it in greater detail.

For now, I would say it is important to avoid being overly influenced by the predictions and prescriptions put forward by those with a worldview that is not grounded in the Bible. Science is becoming the new “religion” in our day, and Christians need to be reminded to begin with the Bible, which clearly portrays as God as creator, sustainer and the future completer of Creation.

For example, Christians who advocate for Climate Change are often going to find themselves joining forces with people who advocate for abortion. That seems like an “unequally yoked” partnership where worldviews will be in direct conflict with each other. Wisdom is needed, but beginning with the Bible is essential if we are to ensure we are coming alongside God rather than replacing Him with science.

Joining you in clinging to God’s word for our guidance,

Pastor Tim