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Creation without salvation breeds idolatry.  Was good to hear back from a few folks about Sunday’s message.  It’s very easy to be so enamored with God’s creation that we can fall into the trap of worshiping creation rather than the Creator. 

I cannot stress enough the importance of seeing the three wonderful layers contained in Psalm 19 that points us to how God uses Creation to draw us into an everlasting relationship with Him.

In verses 1-6 God reveals that He is the author of creation.  Like the song I mentioned on Sunday by Andrew Peterson, we see creation and cannot help but ask, “Don’t you want to thank someone for this”?  Yes we do. And who we thank is the God of the universe.

Verses 7-11 then reveals that God’s revealed word provides us the avenue to actually knowing God.  Creation reveals that God exists, yes, but God’s Word invites us to know God personally.  All his laws, precepts, instructions are designed to show us God and prescribe how to live well with God.

Then verses 12-14 strike at the heart of the matter. Our sin keeps us from God, but God, and only God, provides the remedy, which is to protect us from our sins. Only if God Himself protects us from our sins, so that in the judgment we are protected from God’s wrath, can we declare like David in verse 14 that God is our Redeemer. 

Centuries before Jesus came into the world to offer us His righteousness, God laid out the Gospel.  He exists, and we can see this in creation.  He has revealed Himself through His Word. And He will protect us from our sins and ultimately from His judgment if we trust Him.

Jesus entered into the world to make it abundantly clear that God can protect us from our sins and His coming wrath if we only humble ourselves and trust Him alone for our salvation. 

Read this brief Psalm over and again. Then pray the Psalm. Then live out the Psalm by living in the joy that through faith in Jesus, we are blameless in God’s eyes, redeemed and given a purpose…to tell others.

I am astounded by Creation because I know the Creator, who has sent His chariots of salvation for the lost.

To God Alone Be the Glory!

Pastor Tim