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Attitude is Everything

In examining the way which we should embody an unrelenting steadfastness, I was reminded that the act of enduring through trials is only half the battle.

While weathering the storm and remaining faithful amidst trials is important, the attitude which we have is equally as vital to our growth and pursuit of ‘righteous living’.

The words which the LORD gives to Habakkuk to patiently wait for the fulfillment of his vision entails not just an action (wait) but more acutely an intrinsic description of HOW he is supposed to wait.

To miserably endure a trial simply for the sake of getting through it is of minimum benefit (if any benefit at all!). Our attitudes need to be focused on the blessed assurance which we have in Christ Jesus!

A Righteous FaithLife (v.2:4)

In his response to Habakkuk, the LORD encourages Habakkuk proclaiming that “the righteous shall live by his faith.” There are (at least) two key elements to notice in this verse.

The first is that the righteous whom God refers to are the individuals following the Lord that might be feeling overwhelmed, confused, or discouraged by the message which Habakkuk has been burdened with.

Taking that into account, the idea of “living by his faith”  that is, abiding in the faith which God provides) is so vital to grasp. Our life and the way in which our faith in God (which is only a gift from God himself) operate as a unified body need to be viewed as exactly that: faith and life united.

When we fail to harmonize our faith in the way we live our lives, we decide to put a distance between us and how we worship the Lord.

Wholly embodying a ‘FaithLife’ requires submission, obedience, patience, steadfastness, and endurance (to name a few). These characteristics when exemplified to their fullest give God the glory and they should, because He is in control and that truth trumps any concern, we could ever fathom.

Therefore, we may rest in that assurance, and be still, knowing  God  is  sovereign  regardless  of  circumstance  (Psalm 46:10).


In Christ,