There is a fair amount of protein in this dish of leftovers so get your knives and forks out…..

First, one saint reminded me before the sermon that even though I felt I needed to “work myself out of a job”, which I had indicated two Sundays ago, Pastors are still very much needed in many ways.  Agreed.  

Still, my main point two Sundays ago was that no follower of Jesus NEEDS a pastor to have a true and meaningful relationship with God.  Believers have direct access through prayer and so we are able to draw on Him in our time of need be it during health scares, financial concerns or times of repentance and forgiveness. Jesus is our High Priest in that regard.

Second, a saint grabbed me after the message this past Sunday to suggest that another key reason Christians need to move on from milk to solid food is that if they are not healthy and able to teach, then they are not equipped to help those who are less healthy or even unable to drink the milk needed for “infants” in the Christian faith. Healthy Christians that are growing and eating solid food are prepared to offer milk to others.

Third, the 7 Habits to move from milk to solid food. These suggestions are designed to help move the Christian towards solid food.  Other spiritual disciplines such as prayer and journaling are very good practices, but these are designed to bring more spiritual protein into your life. 

First, Regular attendance at worship – you will always get fed something.

Second, Intentional time of Bible reading – there is no shortcut to growth. This is the hard spade work for the growing Christian.

Third, Participate in a Bible study – here is where you will study, hear a prepared instructor but also hear the voices of others seeking to understand.

Fourth, Time in fellowship with others outside of Sunday morning – doing life with another brother or sister will sharpen you as you hear things from them you may never have thought about yourself.

Fifth, Knowing your spiritual gifts…and then deploying them at church – our spiritual gifts are meant to edify the church and glorify God, but they are also an important means of growing us as we experience ministry.

Sixth, Spend time regularly with someone who is further along in their walk with the Lord than you – we all need a key “go to” person when we are stuck in a situation where we don’t know how to follow God.  Find one!

Seventh, Identify, pray for and be in relationship with someone who does not know Jesus – nothing sharpens your understanding of the Gospel and God’s word more than being the teacher we are called to be to others. 

Rescued by Christ,

Pastor Tim