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Holiness is not a popular topic in American Churches. But it is the expectation of God as Christ followers.

One saint commented on how the benchmark that God sets is His holiness. What a great comment. God sets the benchmark, not us. No matter how many times we fail to measure up, we do not lower that benchmark to make it easier.

Another saint told me how convicted he was by the message and how he had some things to work on. What powerful feedback. We all have something to work on in our process of consecration and sanctification. The Bible is clear that we are not to be looking for minimum effort of salvation, but maximizing our holiness.

I saw in the news that Kanye West on Sunday preached about “radical obedience” to Christ. He stated that we are always looking to do the least, when He (Jesus) did the most. While I do not find Kanye’s particular brand appealing, think of the thousands that heard him tell them to radically follow Jesus.

God can use anyone, at any time for the expansion of His Holiness. Are you consecrating yourself for the task?

Be holy, because the LORD your God is holy.

In Christ,

Kevin Shedd