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Thank you all for your encouraging comments from Sunday’s message on Jeremiah. He had his hands full, and so do we. You can’t imagine how delighted I was to discover that Shiloh, the ancient sanctuary of God that housed the Ark of the Covenant was judged by God, who would later send Shiloh, the one Jacob prophesied about from the line of Judah to whom all the nations will obey: Jesus.

We serve a God of mercy and justice; both/and, not either/or…both. His steadfast love for us is complemented by His commitment to His own justice. Both reflect God; both should reflect the church, and, I would argue both should reflect good, biblical parenting.

The comment I heard the most, which is not a new one, but was particularly pronounced on Sunday, was how amazing it was that the lesson that John taught in Sunday School mirrored and prepared everyone for the worship message.

No, we do not orchestrate, consult or otherwise prepare our lessons to coincide with each other beforehand. That divine convergence comes solely from the working of the Holy Spirit. John and I marvel just as much as careful listeners do, and we are quick, and eager to announce that it’s the Holy Spirit, not us, that makes it all happen. Praise the Lord!

Every Sunday morning the staff prays for John and all our teachers, and each morning the Elders pray for the sermon. God is the one orchestrating. So, be amazed along with us, and give glory to God.

Remember Shiloh!

Rescued by Christ,

Pastor Tim