I was very blessed by many of the very helpful and encouraging comments concerning Sunday’s message on Election and Reprobation. These are unbelievably hard topics to address, but they are in Romans 9 and we must be ready to preach, teach and receive “the whole counsel of God.”

Many of you indicated that you simply have not heard sermons on election since coming to RVC. My goal is not to promote a particular theological agenda, however, when a topic emerges in the text we are treating, I do not avoid it.

I do think I need to ensure that we all understand something that I have emphasized, but may not be completely clear. An Israelite who is from the line of Abraham, down through Isaac and then through Jacob is not guaranteed of salvation apart from trusting in Jesus.

No one, Jew or Gentile, is saved except through repenting of sin and trusting in Jesus’ shed blood on the cross to pay for their sins. No one.

So, being in the line of Abraham has its great biblically-based benefits, but salvation only comes through faith in Jesus. And remember that the promises to Abraham belong to those Gentiles who through faith in Jesus are grafted in to the Abrahamic promises.

God chose the Abrahamic line to be the vehicle by which He would bring blessings and salvation to the world, but not all from the line of Abraham will be saved; only those who trust in Jesus. And, by calling on Jesus, Gentiles (such as my fellow Norwegians) will be merged into the Abrahamic blessings.

I’ll have much more to say on this in coming weeks, but have felt I need to make that point very clear. This Sunday I will be preaching on Romans 9:30 – 10:4.

Celebrating with you the truth that in God’s sovereign election, by grace alone through faith alone, we share the promises God gave to His elect, chosen people,

Rescued by Christ,

Pastor Tim