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Praise God for a splendid, wonderful Easter Sunday. The weather was unmatched in its perfection, our breakfast was sumptuous and filled with over 100 people, and our church service was adorned with tremendous music, fellowship, Bible verses and reflection. And we needed to break out a lot of chairs!

Just prior to the service I was informed of the Easter bombings in Sri Lanka, which is an island nation just off the southeastern coast of India. Only 7% of the population is Christian, and about 80% of those are Roman Catholic.

The most recent data indicates that some 290 people were killed in coordinated attacks on three churches and two hotels that foreign visitors frequent. The aftermath of this attack is just devastating. Entire families have been ruined. Many children were killed as people were in church to celebrate Easter.

Joy tempered by sorrow. This is the Christian life. We really have no idea what this “feels” like in the U.S. So often we read about these tragedies, and they almost always happen “somewhere else.” But the day may come….

Let me encourage us all to pray for our brothers and sisters in Sri Lanka. Let me encourage us to take some time to reflect on their losses and to ponder what life would be like if most of our children and a spouse were killed in such an attack.

Where would we find peace? Hope? Joy? In no other place than at the cross. Why? Because He is Worthy. He is worthy to worship, praise and promote even in our worst moments. And while we pray those days never touch us, we should take the time to reflect on the plight of others and prepare.

I encourage everyone to sign up for the Voice of the Martyrs (VOM) magazine…it’s free, a bit depressing, but amazingly, filled with joy put on display by the victims, or families of victims of persecution. See (

He is worthy of our reflection and efforts to find solidarity with our brothers
and sisters around the world who are suffering for Christ….and still believing.

Because He is Risen…and Worthy,

Pastor Tim