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Thanks to all for the encouraging comments concerning our deep dive into Bethlehem as the necessary location from which the Messiah had to be born.  Micah, a fairly unknown prophet, was from a relatively unknown place (Moresheth) and prophesied about a small seemingly unimportant city, Bethlehem, where the most significant man in the history of humanity would be born to an obscure carpenter and his wife in an unknown manger.

God loves to use seemingly unimportant people and places to do His best work because then He receives all the glory.  Only God could use seemingly unimportant people like you and me to be His tools for fulfilling the Great Commission.  We are important and useful to God, but only because He has redeemed us and repurposed us.

Praise God this Christmas that we are saved and have a purpose!

Thank you all also for your careful prayer and consideration of the matter of our denominational identity.  Thank you to those who were able to attend our session with Kevin Stone two Sundays ago.

This coming Sunday, December 5th, we will hold a meeting immediately after the service to collect any feedback from you. We’d like to get your impressions on the idea of joining the FEBC. We’d like to try to answer any questions you may have and act on anything that needs investigating.

Depending on the feedback we receive, we hope to next take up this discussion at our Annual Meeting later in January or early February.  Please do the following prior to this coming Sunday:

First, pray.  Pray for God’s wisdom for our church as we seek to follow the Lord.

Second, if you have not already, examine the FEBC’s website:

Third, prepare any questions or comments you might have to discuss on Sunday.

Thank you all for your work on this, and for your careful consideration. I know this is a bit of a hardship on some of us during the holidays, so thank you very much.

Rescued by Christ,

Pastor Tim