Once again, it’s so good to be back worshipping, praying, studying, preaching and “Great Commissioning” with you all. And from the bottom of my heart, thank you for allowing me to have a little breather. I had a very productive, restful and refreshing break and enjoyed some fabulous family time.

And I am so looking forward to flying over Jeremiah with you all. Yes, this will be a flyover; a view from 30,000 feet as we move through this dense, deeply moving and meaningful book in the next 11 weeks.

Let me redouble my admonition to everyone that it will be very good for you to read through Jeremiah along with me as we go through this series. For this upcoming Sunday, I’ll be looking at Jeremiah chapters 2-6 and focusing on some selected passages. If you read those five chapters prior to Sunday, the message will be easier to grasp and apply.

I was excited on Sunday to see how many are excited to study Jeremiah. It’s a book that not many have read recently, and, in some cases ever. Now is the time.

Jeremiah’s day was not much different than ours. Wars, rumors of wars, catastrophes, immoral leaders, bankrupt clergy and a people who stopped reading the Word of God. Idols replaced God and His people drifted. Sound familiar? There is truly nothing new under the sun.

God’s Word has the power to transform. It cuts to the marrow. It is our light on the path in a very dark world. It is more precious than gold, silver, or, even the green and gold…I mean that .

Read God’s Word today. Read Jeremiah 2-6 this week and expect the Lord to reveal to you exactly what you need to hear from Him.

Rescued by Christ,

Pastor Tim