Remember D-Day…and Remember Jesus

June 7, 2023

Thank you all for your encouraging comments after Sunday’s sermon. I was surprised how many people were blessed with a deeper dive into Communion.  My biggest takeaway from your collective feedback is that we cannot assume too much.

We practice Communion monthly and discuss its importance while practicing it, but there is so much more to it.  In hindsight, I could actually do a pretty in-depth 3-4 part series on Communion. 

As I mentioned in the sermon, I was struck by this reality while standing in the famous “Grossmunster” church in Zurich, Switzerland.  The shadow of Ulrich Zwingli still covers that beautiful church where so much of the Swiss Reformation was centered. 

Again, it was his view of Communion (Eucharist, Lord’s Supper) that has continued to influence most Evangelicals today.  He felt that Communion is really important, but the bread and the wine are nothing more than symbols that help stimulate our minds and hearts to reflect on Jesus’ great work on the cross.  Nothing more, but nothing less.

One thing I learned in preparing the message for Sunday, going all the way back to Genesis and the first presentation of bread and wine, is that the Communion table is a blessing for us.  When we reflect on the lives of loved ones and chuckle or smile at a memory, we are blessed. 

And when we remember all that Jesus accomplished for us at the cross, and honor Him at the Table, we are blessed, too. We mourn His loss, but we smile at what we have as a result.

Yesterday was June 6, D-Day from World War Two. I have had the privilege of looking over beaches atop the cliffs at Normandy and tried to picture what those young boys endured so Europe and the U.S. could be free. I have walked two of the local cemeteries near Normandy as well.

We remember what those heroes did for us and can only be thankful, and blessed.  How much more should we remember what our Savior did for us, and in turn be blessed.  

Don’t wait for Communion to be blessed, remember everyday what Jesus did for us, and treasure it.  Then when we come together as a body to celebrate monthly, with the bread and juice, we will be blessed together even more. 

I am thankful for Jesus and the Communion Table, and for the truth that we can celebrate Him freely in the U.S.  I hope you are too.


Rescued by Christ,  

Pastor Tim