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Sunday’s message on Justin the Martyr resonated with many who were confronted with the truth that many over the millennia have suffered for the sake of the Gospel and the witness of Jesus the Messiah.

I was reminded of a great book on some the martyrs, Foxe’s Book of Martyrs, by a saint after church. While not at all exhaustive, it covers many people’s lives who witnessed, suffered or even died for the sake of the Gospel. If you’d like us to order you a copy, please let us know and we’ll get you one.

Again, if you are interested in learning more about today’s Christian martyrs, visit the Voice of the Martyrs at On the top menu bar, you will see an option for “Free Newsletter”. It comes out monthly and will inspire you, encourage you and even equip you to be bolder with your faith in the comfort of the U.S.

The latest issue in May focuses on the rise of militant Hindus in India and beyond. Regularly Christians are being imprisoned, falsely accused, murdered, etc., because of their faith. These Christian brothers and sisters are living TODAY in the same kind of environment as Jesus and Paul.

This periodical is worth your time because we are so incredibly far removed from the kind of urgency they feel for the Gospel and its proclamation. They know that time is short and that their lives may end soon, so they proclaim the truth.

Rescued by Christ,

Pastor Tim