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Once again, Kathryn and I want to express our deepest gratitude to the RVC family for blessing us with such a generous and thoughtful gift this past Sunday. We truly feel loved, blessed, prayed for and encouraged regularly by you all.

We greatly look forward to enjoying the gift together and when we do, will think fondly of you all and thank Him for blessing us with such a wonderful family.

I had two very good comments from saints after the service on Sunday that related to the sermon topic on tithing. One saint said that tithing is exciting because it gives God space to show us how He’s going to work, and we never really know what His blessings will look like. Amen.

The Christian life that submits to God, takes risks for His glory (not ours – bungee cord jumping, etc., is not risking for God’s glory) and anticipates His leading will never be boring. If your Christian life seems boring, you are missing out on the adventure, and a good first step would be to test God by tithing…as He suggests.

Another saint pointed out that the first offering, from Abel, was given with a right heart as opposed to Cain’s offering. Thus, the attitude of the heart that gives is more important than the gift itself.

This is why we say we want God’s money, not people’s money. God’s gifts will come through people who are saved, want to submit and therefore give cheerfully because they know their salvation cannot be measured by money. God’s money will always do more for His kingdom than reluctant man’s money.

Finally, I forgot to mention that the best time to tithe is when you have nothing. This gives God great opportunities to put Himself on display. For those who cannot see how to tithe in light of major financial obligations (mortgage, car loans, student loans, etc.), start with someone and move towards a tithe.

If you are willing to give up things of this world (nice cars, TV, larger homes, the best cell phone plan, etc.) you will likely find ample room to tithe. God will honor your sacrifice, and bless you in ways untold…. He’ll open the windows of heaven.

I know that was a hard message for some, but I stand on what I think is God’s word. Tithing, which means “tenthing” is the biblical prescription for how to handle our money.

I do not believe in tithing “time” or “talents” as acceptable alternatives to tithing money in large measure because our money will always be more important to us and a much greater temptation to pursue and idolize.

The greatest benefit of tithing is that we get closer to God, as Malachi indicated. He will “return” to us when we “return” to Him by tithing. Tithing is for our good and God’s glory, so, I say, test Him as He encourages us to do, and then sit back and watch our great God do His thing.

Living a rich life with you all!

Rescued by Christ,

Pastor Tim