It was so good to be back in the pulpit sharing God’s word with you.  It’s hard to beat a reminder that heaven is real and the more we fix our eyes on that precious reward of faith, the more we put the things of this world into perspective.
Some were most helped by the idea that even Christians today can live lives that do not seem to truly believe in heaven.  When we think that what this word has to offer is the best, we miss the point. Jesus awaits and heaven is worth living, and dying for.  
On Sunday night, Kathryn, Karen Broekhuis and I teamed up to spend another wonderful evening ministering to the good folks at Riverside Terrace.  Many of these older saints can’t wait to see Jesus.

One 90-year-old woman told me that the regular preaching of the Gospel that she has received when we visit has changed how she thinks about God.  Imagine that! We are simply never too old to learn, grow and amend our ways.

Let me encourage you to learn anew that heaven is real. It awaits the faithful.  And if we really love people we’ll let them know that, too. Many rookies showed up to Ro-Ro to do just that, I can’t wait to hear their testimonies.  
We have a neat Jewish Seder meal to celebrate on March 30, and Easter just a couple weeks after.  Pray now for opportunities to tell someone about heaven, Jesus, and the means to obtain them!
Learning along with you…
Rescued by Christ,
Pastor Tim