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Well. Surprises can, in fact, be lovely. Thank you to all who were involved, voluntarily or otherwise forcibly conscripted, for the heartwarming honor you bestowed on me for “Pastor’s Appreciation Month” this past Sunday. I was totally caught off guard and reminded of how much we are a family…through thick and thin. So, thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

It appears that I have thrown some juicy words out there over the years, such as, but not limited to, “egregious”. Now add to that list ostraca.

The potsherds of which Jeremiah spoke, shattered Israel, and, of life can be reused for greater purposes, and none know that better than those who are genuinely born of the Spirit. We whose lives God has allowed to be shattered on the floor of this sinful world know all too well what it means to be useful to a God who judges….and forgives.

Today we support Efraim and Jeannie Goldstein who, as distant remnants of shattered Israel, live, preach and disciple their fellow Jews in Israel as reminders that God is not done using Israel to save Israel and the world; “to the Jew first then the Greek.”

And He’s not done with any who repent, trust and obey Him. Our lives become God’s written words on broken potsherds that are useful to the Great Messenger who seeks to convey truth, hope and life to a shattered world.

Do you know you are useful to God? Will you trust Him and step out in faith to be used? Are you unsure of how to go about doing that? No worries. Just set up a meeting with me and we can pray about that important decision.

After all, we the church are just the dustpan that God uses to sweep up those broken potsherds that will not be thrown away but sorted, repurposed and then used to advance the name above all names.

Like you, broken, but still useful, we are through faith…

Rescued by Christ,

Pastor Tim