Thank you, Rock Valley Chapel, for blessing Kathryn and me so richly this past Sunday with the recognition, cake and gifts. We truly feel loved, respected and honored by our flock; every day. But thank you for taking a moment to celebrate this past Sunday especially as it coincides with 10 years of ministry at RVC.

I suspect Sunday’s message was difficult for some to bear. Divorce is such a gut-wrenching topic to address. We have people at RVC who have had to endure divorces and they are never easy. Divorce is a kind of death, and it stings.

Still, when God speaks to an issue, we must address it, and Malachi pulls no punches. I hope you can see why marriage, and divorce, are so crucial to God’s eternal concern for His glory. Marriage symbolizes His commitment to His people, and divorce thereby disrupts that image.

With all of that said, the Bible does allow for divorces under certain circumstances, and even if those provisions are not met, either fully or only partially, there is always, always, always forgiveness from God.

My word to those who have experienced divorce is this; if you know your divorce happened apart from the provisions established in God’s word, repent. Genuine repentance will never be rejected by God. Sinners make mistakes; all the time. Repent, trust the Lord will forgive, and move into a greater sense of submission and then God again will be glorified in and through you.

For those who continue in marriage; call on the Holy Spirit; a portion of which remains in your marriage for God’s glory. Pray together. Read your Bibles together. Talk about God’s word together. Dream about your “oneness” for God’s glory together. Plan out how to live for Him together. Point your kids and grandkids to the Savior.

Plan a meal for family, friends, co-workers, neighbors and others you know who have not accepted Jesus together and tag-team in prayer, patience and hope for a chance to share the Gospel. Use my tract, “Got Your Ticket” as a way of helping others see the beauty of the Gospel and what we receive through faith. Do all of this, and more, together, because has brought you together for His glory, and binds you as the third cord holding it all together.

Love you guys!

Pastor Tim