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Praise the Lord for a wonderful Sunday of worship. We sent Aaron off with our blessings, prayers, and confidence that God will continue to use him as mightily, if not more so, than He already has these past 4+ years. We will miss him, but hopefully will see him every once in a while.

God is good, to say the least. For those who were present on Sunday you know we had a little Covid scare. Our family (the Johnsons) were alerted at 10:15 AM that a family friend who had been at our house the week prior was confirmed positive with Covid-19.

After consulting with Elder Warren and the rest of the worship team, we made a decision to continue with the service but keep the Johnsons (who were all on worship team) out of the sanctuary. We helped Randy and Karen with worship but then the family went to my office to watch the service on YouTube. They returned for the final song and then left out a side exit for home right after the service ended. I followed them shortly thereafter.

We drove to Madison yesterday to get a drive through Covid test and the results came back today declaring all five of us negative for Covid. Praise the Lord!

I was delighted how well we all handled it. The Q-tip they slip into both of your nostrils and turn four times in each feels awkward, tingly, but not painful. We had an even greater appreciation for those National Guard men and women who were trained and ready to serve the general public. All with such positive attitudes. We thanked our team of three and left with “God bless you”.

I do think part of our “peace” about the entire ordeal is that we are a family of prayer. We’d like to be more preemptive prayers ourselves, and maybe something like this will reinforce the desire and lead to action.

As Aaron turns the page into a new chapter in his life, I am confident that he will continue to be a preemptive prayer. One person who watched online has already commented on the uniqueness of that idea.

I believe it to be true that if we commit to an increasing life of prayer, we will posture ourselves to be forbearing Christians to a lost, anxious world that needs Jesus. Covid-19, riots around the country, threats from China, North Korean, Iran and Russia, loss of jobs, rising health care costs. The list goes on and on.

But if we cultivate a life of preemptive prayer, we will be better prepared for any days that come our way because we will live in that peace that surpasses all understanding that guards our heart from fear.

That peace can only come from place; and that’s the gift of the Holy Spirit reminding us that through faith alone, we all test negative for disease of sin when we stand before a holy, pure, and righteous God.

So, when days get anxious, and they will, go to the Lord in confidence and ask Him to remind you of the peace that you already have through faith in Jesus, with whom we will spend eternity in glorious bliss worshipping Him in His presence.

Seeking to be a preemptive prayer warrior along with you for God’s glory and our peace, we are, by God’s grace alone….

Rescued by Christ,

Pastor Tim